Want To Sell Some Gold? Here's What You Should Do First


No matter the reason for selling your gold, it shouldn't be hard to find buyers who are willing to take anything from gold coins and jewelry to gold bars and nuggets. Here are three things you should do before actually selling your gold:

Have Each Piece Appraised

It's important to have each gold piece that you want to sell appraised so you know how much it's worth and can have a solid starting point to work with if you end up having to negotiate selling prices to make a deal. A jewelry or precious metals appraiser should be able to give you an accurate value estimate for each piece of gold you want to sell whether separately or as a collection.

To make sure that you aren't over or under valuing your gold, consider having at least two different appraisers take a look at it and provide you with written estimates. You can take the estimates with you when selling your gold to a buyer and use it as evidence of value. This will help ensure that they don't try to low ball you when they make you an offer.

Weigh Everything More Than Once

You should also weigh your gold multiple times and record the exact weight so you can compare your recordings to those of both the appraisers and the buyers that you end up working with. This will help ensure that there are no discrepancies to worry about and give you an idea of what kind of offer you'll be made if the offer is based all or in part on weight.

Find a Reputable Gold Buyer to Work With

The most important thing you should do before selling your gold is find a reputable gold buyer to work with directly. Avoid using middle men who will want to take a cut of your profits in exchange for selling the gold for you. You should also avoid selling to anonymous buyers online if possible to ensure that your rights are protected when all is said and done.

Look for a gold buyer in your area who has built a solid reputation for being fair and respectful when dealing with sellers. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and talk to jewelry store owners to get referrals. If you do end up doing business online, check out customer reviews on reliable review sites before signing any sales contracts.

Before taking any of these steps, spend some time cataloging every piece of gold in your collection so it's easy to manage when you take it to an appraiser or gold buyer.

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17 March 2020

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